Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Apr 25, 2022 | Life

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

When I say “last-minute”, I mean not even Amazon can make your deadline. We’ve all done it — adding that little something to our carts, hoping it can be delivered within the next 24 hours. Am I right? Hey, we’ve all been there…and it’s just the worst feeling when Amazon can’t help you become the hero once again. But fear not, dear procrastinator — I’ve got you!

I reached out to several of my mama friends and asked them what their ideal Mother’s Day gift(s) would be. Once I got their lists, I found ways that their top items could be accomplished if you only had 24 hours until that special day. These ideas will surely make you look like a real hero (sorry Amazon), but most importantly, they’ll show that you care and are thoughtful. 

(Full disclosure: I realize it’s mostly women who are reading this blog so if you are wanting your husbands to somehow see this so he can get some ideas, text this to him (I have friends who are bold enough to do this, ha!), or post this on your social handle, saying something like, “Wow, these are dreamy last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas!”, and hopefully he will see them.:)

Alright, let’s get to the list, shall we?! These can all be accomplished within minutes:

–For the mom who loves wine:  sign her up for a wine club membership for a monthly or yearly delivery of wine. I did some research on what seems to be legit wine subscription service and came up with (a) Somm Select. It has the best reviews…and it’s out of Sonoma, CA — old-school California wine country. Each wine is hand-picked and starts at $99 a month for 4 bottles: Somm Select Wine Club. (b) Winc is a great option if you’re on a budget; they’ve got a new member exclusive rate going on right now. You can get 4 bottles for $29.95, and the shipping’s on them! (c) Primal Wine Club is another option — they’re known for having more natural, organic, biodynamic, cleaner wines with low sulfites. I’ve heard these are stellar tasting wines, and they start at $85 a month. I love the options they give you, too, for quantity and frequency. 

–For the mom who loves books:  this one is pretty simple — go purchase a gift card at your local book store. I would stay away from an Amazon gift card just because mama would probably like to venture out and have some time to herself, plus it looks way more intentional on your end getting one from a book store in your area. For those extra “bonus points”, I’d also throw in a coffee shop gift card so she can grab herself a treat while roaming the book aisles. And don’t forget a nice hand-written card to go along with these gems.

–For the mom who loves spas: I don’t personally know any woman who doesn’t like to be treated with a spa day, so you can never go wrong with this one. If you know her favorite place to get a facial, pedicure, massage, etc., stop by and get her a nice 1/2 day (or a full day, depending on your budget) spa treatment gift card. She will be over the moon with this, trust me.

–For the mom who loves to shop: this one might be my favorite, actually. My girlfriend mentioned this and I was pretty excited when I heard her idea. If you’re like me, you love to grab a cup of joe and roam your favorite shops and stores. Now with babies, it’s not as easy to get out and do this all that much. So husbands, throw some nice cash in a hand-written Mother’s Day card (love how I continue to emphasize “hand-written” ;)) and gift her with an afternoon to go shop by herself. I promise this will fill her bucket to the brim.

–For the mom who loves plants and gardening: if you know her favorite nursery and garden center, get her a gift card from there. And here is a bonus to put some icing on that cake: get her a one-year subscription to “Better Homes and Garden” — the magazine.

–For the mom who loves fitness and health: A month subscription to a workout class (whether it’s in your town or online) would be an awesome gift for her. I know how hard it is to get away from the house on a frequent basis, so an online class might just be best. We have a new boutique workout center here in Santa Barbara, RSTR FITNESS and I’ve heard incredible reviews on their classes. They offer online classes, too! — no equipment is required, you’ve just gotta bring yourself (which I LOVE, ‘cause it’s so easy for a mom at home). The owners happen to be friends too, so it’s a shameless friend plug…but I trust them and the results I’ve seen. For unlimited kickboxing classes online it’s $99/month. For unlimited weight training classes online it’s $99/month. For both (called 50/50 program) unlimited online classes is $150/month. Sign up here: RSTR FITNESS

–For the mom who adores sentimental gifts: call and book a session with her favorite photographer for some family pictures. It’s rare for moms to be seen in any of the pictures…because we’re the ones always taking them! This would warm her heart to have some professional pictures with the whole family. If you aren’t sure of a photographer, write this in your hand-written card and give her the freedom to find a photographer and to book the session. 

–For the mom who loves sweet treats: give her the sweet gift of Jeni’s Ice Cream Pint Club. I about cried when I saw this was actually a thing! Jeni’s ice cream is unreal, my favorite, and the best I’ve ever had. I’ve just missed this so much ever since I moved from Nashville. For three months at a cost of $199, you can get 4 curated flavors for each month. This would be such a fun and creative gift for mom:)

–For the mom who’s kids are no longer living at home: invite them all over(especially if they live close) for dinner and games. A mama’s heart is her children and there’s nothing more that she probably misses than spending time with them. What a sweet gift this would be for her to be with everyone.

–For the mom who loves quiet time: I saved the best for last because this would be a dream for any mama. Book her an overnight stay at nice hotel where she can order room service and soak in a nice big bathtub. As a mother, I understand first-hand how our brains can never, really, truly shut off when we’re at home. So having a night away will help her to relax, enjoy every bite of her dinner, and sleep-in without any kind of distractions or interruptions. And if you really want to top that off with a cherry, have the home all cleaned-up by the time she comes home the next day.

And here’s one last thought — after talking with my mama friends, they almost all agreed that while flowers are nice, they’re just too “typical” and cliche. Don’t get me wrong — they’re pretty…but they only last for a couple of days and then they’re gone. Save the flowers for a random act of kindness and generosity towards your wife…and go with something more thoughtful and creative for Mother’s Day. Hopefully these ideas help get the gears turning!

Which one of these would you pick mama?!?!


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