Big Month For The Lil’ Men!

Apr 25, 2022 | Babes

‏Big Month For The Lil’ Men!

Not only did the lil’ men celebrate their first Easter but they also turned 10 months old on April 9. I can’t believe we have almost one year olds. The boys are crawling, climbing, wrestling, recognizing their names, gabbing *a lot*, teething, and starting to eat like champs. We’ve begun planning for their first birthday with their little (healthy!) cakes, decorations, and balloons. These are the moments I have dreamed about for so long when I pictured myself becoming a mom. I can’t wait to share all the fun things and pictures from their special day on June 9!

Side note: Mama’s, did you cry when your lil turned one? I’m not sure what to expect on their big day. I’m assuming with being so busy I won’t even have a second to process and reflect on it all…but just curious if there’s a common sentiment around moms and their babies turning one.

Hope you enjoy the pics of our lil’ men!


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