Citrus Vinegar??? Yes, Please!

Jan 6, 2022 | Home, Recipes, Wellness

Citrus Vinegar??? Yes, Please!

I mean, who likes the smell of just plain ol’ vinegar anyway? Unless your smell buds are fried, I’d say we can all agree that it’s a painful smell. Spoiler alert — you may be hearing a lot about white vinegar from me here. It’s such a staple item in our home that we use for almost everything, and we almost always have two or three gallons as a backup. (Thank you, Costco!)

There’s so many ways white vinegar can be used in your home, but just so I don’t bore you with a huge list, I’m going to focus today on an all-purpose household cleaner, sometimes known as the “Unicorn of Cleaners” — Citrus Vinegar.

Most multipurpose cleaners are beyond chemically hazardous, but a gallon of vinegar is cheap, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. Vinegars (use white so you don’t stain anything) contain acetic acid so it’s able to cut through some icky buildups like soap residue, dirt, grease, hard water, etc. It even does the job of removing those annoying sticker labels. If you haven’t given white vinegar a try when cleaning your home, you’ve got to change that ASAP.

Below is the real twist though, and a “super secret” to a good-smelling vinegar cleaner. This easy citrus recipe will help cut back on the powerful acidic smell, keeping you from vomiting over that sour stench as it wafts throughout your home. I can’t wait for you to try this!


•Mason Jar w/ Sealed Lid
White Distilled Vinegar
•Citrus Peels
•Glass Spray Bottle

    1. Place the citrus peels (no fruit) into your large mason jar. (Citrus fruit options: lemon, orange, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, clementines. I use lemon and orange because I love what the natural oils from these peels can do for cleaning. You could also experiment by adding fresh herbs that are known for being a disinfectant, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, deodorizer: rosemary, mint, oregano, eucalyptus, lavender, etc.)
    2. Pour vinegar into the mason jar to cover the peels and seal with a lid
    3. Let it set for at least a week.
    4. Pour scented vinegar into glass spray bottle (no peels).
    5. You can use with or without water. If you prefer for it to be diluted, mix equal parts of your scented vinegar and water.
Ways To Use:
    1. Windows and Mirrors (I use a newspaper to prevent streaking)
    2. Bathroom (toilets, sink, shower, tub)
    3. Microwave
    4. Counter Tops (I would not use on marble or granite because of the acetic acid)
    5. Dishwasher
    6. Refrigerator
    7. Stove
    8. Kitchen Sink

Do you use vinegar to clean?  If so, please share with me below how you use it!


  1. Erin

    I do use vinegar and dawn to clean. Love the recipie for citrus vinegar.

    • Heather Keith

      Oh, so excited for you to try this recipe Erin!

  2. Ronda

    I use baking soda, stir with a brush then add white vinegar and an essential oil if choice to the toilet bowl to clean it.


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